Unsure about Compound Interest?

Unsure about Compound Interest?

Let the Study Guides explain all about Appreciation & Depreciation.
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Compound Interest

Understanding Compound Interest is important to ensure your success in assessments, tests and exams.

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Compound Interest Resources

Exam Ques 1 (GCSE)Compound Interest
Exam Ques 2 (N5)Compound Percentages
Exam Ques 3 (N5)Compound Interest
Exam Ques 4 (N5)Compound Int & Rev Change
Worksheet Compound Interest (Excellent!)
Mind Map 1Percentages
Mind Map 2Percentages (Mind Map)
PowerPointCompound Interest

About Compound Interest

A Compound Interest exam question is shown below.

A house is valued at £240,000. Its value is predicted to rise by 2.8% per annum. Calculate its predicted value after 2 years”.

Source: N5 Maths, 2015, P2, Q1

What is Compound Interest?

  • It is the concept of adding accumulated interest back to the principal (initial amount)
  • When you save money in a bank, you receive interest
  • The interest is calculated on your balance and then deposited to your balance
  • The next years interest is calculated taking last years interest into account hence the interest is compounding

Compound Interest can be worked out for both appreciation (rising) and depreciation (falling) quantities.

The Study Guides explain two methods to calculate Compound Interest:

  • Formula method
  • Year on year method

Study Guides

We cover everything you need to know about Compound Interest in the Study Guides.

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Theory Guides

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Practice Booklets

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Self Reflection Guides

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