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1. Higher SQA Past/Practice Papers  – 2017 SQA Paper Now Included!

2. Higher Maths Exam Questions By Topic

3. Higher Maths Text Book Worked Solutions

4. 200 Higher Maths Higher Exam Questions & Answers

5. Higher Maths Practice Assessments (Solutions Included)

6. Higher Maths Theory

7. Higher Maths Mind Maps

8. Higher Maths PowerPoints & Videos

9. Recommended Books for Higher Maths


Higher Maths Resources


1. Higher SQA Past/Practice Papers 

Thanks to the SQA for making these available to the public

Paper Type
Exam Paper
Marking Scheme
2017Higher (New)Exam PaperMarking Scheme
2016Higher (New)Exam PaperMarking Scheme
2015Higher (New)Exam PaperMarking Scheme
2015SpecimenSpecimenMarking Scheme
2015ExemplarExemplarMarking Scheme
2014HigherExam PaperMarking Scheme
2013HigherExam PaperMarking Scheme
2012HigherExam PaperMarking Scheme
2011HigherExam PaperMarking Scheme
2010HigherExam PaperMarking Scheme
2009HigherExam PaperMarking Scheme
2008HigherExam PaperMarking Scheme
2007HigherExam PaperMarking Scheme
2006HigherExam PaperMarking Scheme
2005HigherExam PaperMarking Scheme
2004HigherExam PaperMarking Scheme
2003HIgherExam Paper
2002HIgherExam Paper
2001HIgherExam Paper


2. Higher Maths Exam Questions By Topic With Answers

Topic Name
Topic 1Circles - Answers Included
Topic 2Differentiation - Answers Included
Topic 3Exponentials & Logs - Answers Included
Topic 4Functions - Answers Included
Topic 5Further Calculus - Answers Included
Topic 6Graphs of Functions - Answers Included
Topic 7Integration - Answers Included
Topic 8Polynomials - Answers Included
Topic 9Quadratics - Answers Included
Topic 10Recurrence Relations - Answers Included
Topic 11Straight Lines - Answers Included
Topic 12Trig (Addition Formula) - Answers Included
Topic 13Trig Graphs & Equations - Answers Included
Topic 14Vectors - Answers Included
Topic 15Wave Functions - Answers Included

Higher Maths Exam Questions By Topic (Additional) 

Topic Name
Topic Name
Topic 1Circle Paper 1 - Solns IncludedTopic 21Polynomials & Quadratics Paper 1 - Solns Incl
Topic 2Circle Paper 2 - Solns IncludedTopic 22Polynomials & Quadratics Paper 2 - Solns Incl
Topic 3CircleTopic 23Polynomials
Topic 4Composite FunctionsTopic 24Quadratics
Topic 5Differentiation Paper 1 - Solns IncTopic 25Recurrence Paper 1 - Solns Inc
Topic 6Differentiation Paper 2 - Solns IncTopic 26Recurrence Paper 2 - Solns Inc
Topic 7DifferentiationTopic 27Recurrence Relations
Topic 8Functions & Graphs Paper 1 - Solns IncTopic 28Straight Lines Paper 1 - Solns Inc
Topic 9Functions & Graphs Paper 2 - Solns IncTopic 29Straight Lines Paper 2 - Solns Inc
Topic 10Further Calculus Paper 1 - Solns IncTopic 30Trig Paper 1 - Solns Inc
Topic 11Further Calculus Paper 2 - Solns IncTopic 31Trig Paper 2 - Solns Inc
Topic 12Further Differentiation & IntegrationTopic 32Trig Equations
Topic 13GraphsTopic 33Trig Formulae
Topic 14Integration Paper 1 - Solns IncTopic 34Vectors Paper 1 - Solns Inc
Topic 15Integration Paper 2 - Solns IncTopic 35Vectors Paper 2 - Solns Inc
Topic 16IntegrationTopic 36Vectors
Topic 17Logs Paper 1 - Solns IncTopic 37Wave Function Paper 1 - Solns Inc
Topic 18Logs Paper 2 - Solns IncTopic 38Wave Function Paper 2 - Solns Inc
Topic 19Logs & ExponentialsTopic 39Wave Equation
Topic 20Optimisation


3. Higher Maths Text Book Worked Solutions

Straight Line 1A1B1D1E1F1G1J1K1M1N1O1O
Functions & Graphs2A2B2C2D2F2G2I3A3C3K3N3O3P
Recurrence 5A5B5B5C5D5F5H5I
Further Calculus14B14C14C14E14G14H14I14J14K
Exp's & Logs15C15D15E15F15G15H15I15I15J15K15L
Wave Function16A16C16D16E16F16G16H


4. 200 Higher Maths Questions & Answers

  • Step-by-step worked solutions available in the Online Study Pack 
  • Screenshot and sample of 200 worked solutions HERE
  • Thanks to the SQA and author(s) for collating the questions below


Exam Questions
Exam Ques 1 - 20Answers
Exam Ques 21 - 40Answers
Exam Ques 41 - 60Answers
Exam Ques 61 - 80Answers
Exam Ques 81 - 100Answers
Exam Ques 101 - 120Answers
Exam Ques 121 - 140Answers
Exam Ques 141 - 160Answers
Exam Ques 161 - 180Answers
Exam Ques 181 - 200Answers


5. Higher Maths Practice Assessments (Solutions Included)

Revision A
Revision B
OneA1.1, A1.3, A1,4, EF1.3, RC1.3Revision ARevision B
OneA1.1, EF1.3, EF1.4, RC1.1, RC1.2Practice Test 1Practice Test 2 (No Solutions)
TwoA1,2, A1.4, EF1.2, RC1.1, RC1.2, RC1.4Revision ARevision B
ThreeEF1.1, EF1.2, EF1.4, RC1.2, RC1.3, RC1.4Revision ARevision B


6. Higher Maths Theory

Topic Name
Topic Name
Topic 1Circles Theory (HSN)Topic 14Self Check Booklet
Topic 2Course Revision Notes (HSN)Topic 15Sequences Theory (HSN)
Topic 3Course One Page Summary - Part 1 (HSN)Topic 16Straight Lines Theory (HSN)
Topic 4Course One Page Summary - Part 2 (HSN)Topic 17Transformations of Graphs Summary
Topic 5Course One Page Summary - Part 3 (HSN)Topic 18Trigonometry Theory (HSN)
Topic 6Course NotesTopic 19Trig Equations Theory
Topic 7Differentiation Theory (HSN)Topic 20Trig Revision
Topic 8Exponentials & Logarithms Theory (HSN)Topic 21Unit 1 - All Outcomes (HSN)
Topic 9Functions & Graphs Theory (HSN)Topic 22Unit 2 - All Outcomes (HSN)
Topic 10Further Calculus Theory (HSN)Topic 23Unit 3 - All Outcomes (HSN)
Topic 11Graphs of Functions TheoryTopic 24Vector Theory (HSN)
Topic 12Integration Theory (HSN)Topic 25Wave Function Theory (HSN)
Topic 13Polynomials & Quadratics Theory (HSN)


7. Higher Maths Mind Maps

Mind Map
Mind Map
Mind Map 1Circle 1Mind Map 16Polynomials & Quadratic Theory
Mind Map 2Circle 2Mind Map 17Polynomials
Mind Map 3Composite FunctionsMind Map 18Quadratic Functions
Mind Map 4Compound Angle Mind Map 19Recurrence Relations 1
Mind Map 5Differentiation PreparationMind Map 20Recurrence Relations 2
Mind Map 6Differentiation 1Mind Map 21Straight Line 1
Mind Map 7Differentiation 2Mind Map 22Straight Line 2
Mind Map 8FunctionsMind Map 23Trigonometry
Mind Map 9Functions & GraphsMind Map 24Trig Formulae & Equations
Mind Map 10Further DifferentiationMind Map 25Vectors 1
Mind Map 11Integration PreparationMind Map 26Vectors 2
Mind Map 12Integration 1Mind Map 27Vectors 3
Mind Map 13Integration 2Mind Map 28Wave Function 1
Mind Map 14Logs & Exponentials 1Mind Map 29Wave Function 2
Mind Map 15Logs & Exponentials 2Mind Map 30PowerPoint of all Mind Maps


8. Higher Maths PowerPoints & Videos

SQA Past Paper Video Solutions (DLB Maths)
PowerPoints (all topics) of Mind Maps


9. Higher Maths Recommended Books 

The highly recommended books below can be used with Higher Maths students to compliment the material on this website.

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  • ‘Test-yourself’ questions presenting opportunities for self-assessment.
  •  Clear diagrams convey key teaching points and help students to learn.
  • Answers to all the questions are supplied for all-round support.


Success Guide – CfE Higher Maths Success Guide

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