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Passing N5 Maths significantly increases your career opportunities by helping you gain a place on a college course, apprenticeship or even landing a job. A ‘good’ pass at N5 Maths will set you up well for the fast paced Higher Maths Course next year should you be interested. Please do your very best to keep on top of your studies.

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Please find below PowerPoints, Videos & Mind Maps on dozens of topics.

We hope you find this website useful and wish you the very best with your studies in 2019/20.


Thanks to the authors for making these freely available.

PowerPoint 1 Angles - Introduction PowerPoint 28Factorising - Common Factor
PowerPoint 2Angles - Corresponding & AlternatePowerPoint 29Factorising - Mixed Types
PowerPoint 3Area - Rectangle & TrianglePowerPoint 30Minutes to Decimals
PowerPoint 4Area - Rectangle, Triangle & CirclePowerPoint 31Multiplying Out Single Brackets
PowerPoint 5Area - ParallelogramPowerPoint 32Multiplying Out Double Brackets
PowerPoint 6Area - TrapeziumPowerPoint 33Percentages
PowerPoint 7Area - TrianglePowerPoint 34Percentages, Non-Calculator
PowerPoint 8Area - Rhombus & KitePowerPoint 35Percentages (% to Fractions & Decimals)
PowerPoint 9Area - Composite Shapes 1PowerPoint 36Percentages (10 Questions)
PowerPoint 10Area - Composite Shapes 2PowerPoint 37Percentages (Appreciation/Depreciation)
PowerPoint 11CirclesPowerPoint 36Percentages - Reverse
PowerPoint 12Circles - CircumferencePowerPoint 37PowerPoint (Mixed Topics)
PowerPoint 13Circles - Circum & AreaPowerPoint 39Prisms & Volume
PowerPoint 14Circles - Arc LengthPowerPoint 40Prisms (Sphere & Cone)
PowerPoint 15Circles - Sector AreaPowerPoint 41Quadratic Functions
PowerPoint 16Circles - Arcs & SectorsPowerPoint 42Scientific Notation
PowerPoint 17Circles - Symmetry Part 1PowerPoint 43Simultaneous Equations
PowerPoint 18Circles - Symmetry Part 2PowerPoint 44Speed Formula
PowerPoint 19Circles - Triangles insidePowerPoint 45Squaring Out Brackets
PowerPoint 20Comparing DataPowerPoint 46Standard Deviation
PowerPoint 21Compound InterestPowerPoint 47Straight Lines 2
PowerPoint 22Decimals to MinutesPowerPoint 48Straight Line Equations
PowerPoint 23Distance FormulaPowerPoint 49Time Formula
PowerPoint 24Dot & Box PlotsPowerPoint 50Trig Functions & Equations
PowerPoint 25Distance, Speed & Time GraphsPowerPoint 51Volume of Solids 1
PowerPoint 26Distance, Speed & TimePowerPoint 52Volume of Solids 2
PowerPoint 27Factorising

PowerPoints (Additional)

Thanks to www.mathsrevision.com for making these freely available.

PowerPoint 1Scientific Notation Linkwww.mathsrevision.com
PowerPoint 2Integers Linkwww.mathsrevision.com
PowerPoint 3Brackets & Equations Linkwww.mathsrevision.com
PowerPoint 4Money Linkwww.mathsrevision.com
PowerPoint 5Factorising Linkwww.mathsrevision.com
PowerPoint 6Statistics Linkwww.mathsrevision.com
PowerPoint 7Pythagoras Linkwww.mathsrevision.com
PowerPoint 8Angles & Circles Linkwww.mathsrevision.com
PowerPoint 9SOH-CAH-TOA Linkwww.mathsrevision.com
PowerPoint 10Straight Lines Linkwww.mathsrevision.com
PowerPoint 11Simultaneous Equations Linkwww.mathsrevision.com
PowerPoint 12Functions Linkwww.mathsrevision.com
PowerPoint 13Quadratic 1 Linkwww.mathsrevision.com
PowerPoint 14Quadratic 2 Linkwww.mathsrevision.com
PowerPoint 15Trig Equations Linkwww.mathsrevision.com
PowerPoint 16Trig Graphs Linkwww.mathsrevision.com
PowerPoint 17Sine & Cosine Rules Linkwww.mathsrevision.com
PowerPoint 18Area & Volume Linkwww.mathsrevision.com
PowerPoint 19Equations & Inequations Linkwww.mathsrevision.com
PowerPoint 20Algebraic Fractions Linkwww.mathsrevision.com
PowerPoint 21Surds & Indices Linkwww.mathsrevision.com
PowerPoint 22Vectors Linkwww.mathsrevision.com


Thanks to the authors for making these freely available.

Video 1Algebraic FractionsVideo 9Indices
Video 2Arcs & SectorsVideo 10Percentages
Video 3BBC BiteSizeVideo 11Similar Shapes
Video 4Changing the SubjectVideo 12Straight Lines
Video 5Equations & InequationsVideo 13Surds
Video 6Exam Solutions (DLBmaths)Video 14Right Angled Triangles
Video 7FractionsVideo 15Vectors
Video 8Gradient

Mind Maps 

Thanks to the authors for making these freely available.

Mind Map
Mind Map
Mind Map 1CirclesMind Map 12Quadratic Functions PowerPoint
Mind Map 2Circles PowerPointMind Map 13Scientific Notation
Mind Map 3Comparing Data Mind Map 14Scientific Notation PowerPoint
Mind Map 4Comparing Data PowerPoint Mind Map 15Standard Deviation
Mind Map 5FactorisingMind Map 16Standard Deviation PowerPoint
Mind Map 6Factorising PowerPointMind Map 17Straight Lines
Mind Map 7FractionsMind Map 18Straight Lines PowerPoint
Mind Map 8Fractions PowerPoint Mind Map 19Simultaneous Equations
Mind Map 9PercentagesMind Map 20Simultaneous Equations PowerPoint
Mind Map 10Percentages PowerPointMind Map 21Trig Functions & Equations
Mind Map 11Quadratic FunctionsMind Map 22Trig Functions & Equations PowerPoint

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