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Please find below:

1. N5 Maths Past/Practice Papers  *** New Papers G – I ***

2. 100 N5 Exam Type Questions & Answers

3. Recent N5 Exam Questions & Answers by Topic  ***  New ***

4. Exam Questions by Topic

5. Credit & Int 2 SQA Papers (Additional Practice)

6. 100 Lesson Starter Questions 

7. N5 Applications Unit Practice Assessment

8. N5 Expressions & Formulae Unit Practice Assessment

9. N5 Relationships Unit Practice Assessment

10. N5 Maths Prelim Practice

11. N5 Maths Home Page Topic Links

12. N5 Maths Mind Maps

13. N5 Maths PowerPoints

14. N5 Maths Videos

15. Maths Websites (Including Games/Puzzles)

16. Recommended National 5 Maths Books

17. N5 Online Study Pack – For students looking for a ‘good’ Pass.


National 5 Maths Resources


1. N5 Maths Past/Practice Papers *** New Papers G – I  ***

Worked solutions to all Papers below in the N5 Online Study Pack

Thanks to the SQA for making these available.

Paper Type
Exam/Practice Paper
Marking Scheme
2017National 5Exam PaperMarking Scheme
2016National 5Exam PaperMarking Scheme
2015National 5Exam PaperMarking Scheme
2014National 5Exam PaperMarking Scheme
2014N5 Specimen Paper 1Practice Paper 1Marking Scheme
2014N5 Specimen Paper 2Practice Paper 2Marking Scheme
2014N5 Practice Paper APractice AAnswers A
2014N5 Practice Paper BPractice BAnswers B
2014N5 Practice Paper CPractice CAnswers C
2014N5 Practice Paper DPractice DAnswers D
2014N5 Practice Paper EPractice EAnswers E
2014N5 Practice Paper FPractice FAnswers F
2018N5 Practice Paper GPractice GAnswers G***New***
2018N5 Practice Paper HPractice HAnswers H***New***
2018N5 Practice Paper IPractice IAnswers I***New***


2. 100 N5 Exam Type Questions & Answers 

Worked solutions to 100 N5 Exam Ques in the N5 Online Study Pack

Thanks to the SQA for making these available.

Exam Questions
Exam Ques 1 - 10Answers
Exam Ques 11 - 20Answers
Exam Ques 21 - 30Answers
Exam Ques 31 - 40Answers
Exam Ques 41 - 50Answers
Exam Ques 51 - 60Answers
Exam Ques 61 - 70Answers
Exam Ques 71 - 80Answers
Exam Ques 81 - 90Answers
Exam Ques 91 - 100Answers


3. Recent N5 Exam Questions & Answers by Topic 

Worked solutions to all Questions in the N5 Online Study Pack

Thanks also to the SQA for making these available.

2017 P12017 P22016 P12016 P22015 P12015 P2Spec'n P1Spec'n P2
M.SchemeM.SchemeM.SchemeM.Scheme M.SchemeM.SchemeM.Scheme M.Scheme
Arcs & SectorsQ14Q3Q10Q11
Area & VolumeQ6Q7Q11Q6
BracketsQ4Q4Q2, 7
Changing the SubjectQ10Q12Q8
Completing the SquareQ9Q9
Equations & InequalitiesQ8Q8Q2Q4
Fractions (Algebraic)Q11Q9bQ13Q12Q7Q11
Indices & SurdsQ12Q9Q10Q13, 14Q5, 7
Nature of RootsQ6Q12
PercentagesQ2, 5Q1Q1, 8Q1, 7
PythagorasQ7, 13Q15Q12Q12
Quadratic ProblemsQ12Q14
Quadratic FormulaQ4
Scientific NotationQ2Q6Q2
Shapes Inside CirclesQ9Q13Q5Q3
Similar ShapesQ15Q11Q9Q9
Straight LinesQ6, 13Q11Q5Q8Q6
StatisticsQ2, 12Q6Q5, 10Q8
Trig EquationsQ15Q14
Trig GraphsQ6, 9Q10
Trig IdentitiesQ11
TrianglesQ7Q3Q8, 16Q3, 9Q5
VectorsQ5Q1, 8Q1, 7Q3Q4, 5Q3Q3


4. Exam Questions by Topic 

Worked solutions to N5 Questions below in the N5 Online Study Pack

Thanks to the SQA for making these available.

Topic Name
Topic Name
Topic 1Algebra (Basic Operations)Topic 48Quadratic Equations 1
Topic 2Algebraic Fractions 1Topic 49Quadratic Equations 2
Topic 3Algebraic Fractions 2Topic 50Quadratic Formula
Topic 4Angles Inside Shapes (N5)Topic 51Quadratic Graphs 1
Topic 5Arcs & Sectors (N5)Topic 52Quadratic Graphs 2
Topic 6Area & Volume 1Topic 53Quartiles
Topic 7Area & Volume 2Topic 54Scatter Graphs
Topic 8Area of a TriangleTopic 55Scientific Notation 1
Topic 9BearingsTopic 56Scientific Notation 2
Topic 10Bearings (N5)Topic 57Scientific Notation (N5)
Topic 11Box PlotsTopic 58Similar Shapes
Topic 12BracketsTopic 59Similarity 1
Topic 13Brackets & Equations (N5)Topic 60Similarity 2
Topic 14CAST DiagramTopic 61Similarity 3
Topic 15Changing the SubjectTopic 62Simultaneous Equations 1
Topic 16Circles 1Topic 63Simultaneous Equations 2
Topic 17Circles 2Topic 64Simultaneous Equations 3
Topic 18Circles 3Topic 65Simultaneous Equations 4
Topic 19Circles & Pythagoras (N5)Topic 66Simultaneous Equations (N5)
Topic 20Compound PercentagesTopic 67Sine Rule
Topic 21Constructing & Using FormulaeTopic 68SOH-CAH-TOA
Topic 22Cosine RuleTopic 69Standard Deviation 1
Topic 23Equations & AlgebraTopic 70Standard Deviation 2
Topic 24Factorising 1Topic 71Statistics
Topic 25Factorising 2Topic 72Statistics (N5)
Topic 26Factorising 3Topic 73Straight Lines 1
Topic 27Fractions, Decimals & %'sTopic 74Straight Lines 2
Topic 28Fractions (N5)Topic 75Straight Lines 3
Topic 29Functions 1Topic 76Straight Lines 4
Topic 30Functions 2Topic 77Surds
Topic 31Gradients & Straight LinesTopic 78Surds & Indices
Topic 32Gradients & Straight Lines (N5)Topic 79Surds & Indices (N5)
Topic 33Indices 1Topic 80Triangles & Trig (N5)
Topic 34Indices 2Topic 81Trig Equations
Topic 35InequalitiesTopic 82Trig Eqns & Identities (N5)
Topic 36NumeracyTopic 83Trig Graphs 1
Topic 37Parabolas Topic 84Trig Graphs 2
Topic 38Parabolas (N5)Topic 85Trig Graphs (N5)
Topic 39Percentages (N5)Topic 86Trig 1
Topic 40Percentages 1Topic 87Trig 2
Topic 41Percentages 2Topic 88Trig 3
Topic 42Percentages - Reverse 1Topic 89Vectors (N5)
Topic 43Percentages - Reverse 2Topic 90Vectors
Topic 44ProbabilityTopic 91Volume 1
Topic 45Pythagoras 1Topic 92Volume 2
Topic 46Pythagoras 2Topic 93Volume 3
Topic 47Quadratics (N5)Topic 94Volume (N5)


5. Credit & Int 2 SQA Papers (Additional Practice) 

Thanks to the SQA for making these available.

Paper Type
Exam Paper
Marking Scheme
2015Intermediate 2Exam PaperMarking Scheme
2014Intermediate 2Exam PaperMarking Scheme
2013Intermediate 2Exam PaperMarking Scheme
2013CreditExam PaperMarking Scheme
2012Intermediate 2Exam PaperMarking Scheme
2012CreditExam PaperMarking Scheme
2011Intermediate 2Exam PaperMarking Scheme
2011CreditExam PaperMarking Scheme
2010Intermediate 2Exam PaperMarking Scheme
2010CreditExam PaperMarking Scheme
2009Intermediate 2Exam PaperMarking Scheme
2009CreditExam PaperMarking Scheme
2008Intermediate 2Exam PaperMarking Scheme
2008CreditExam PaperMarking Scheme


6. 100 Lesson Starters

The start of the lesson is important for setting the tone of the lesson.

This is the time during the lesson for practising, revisiting and developing further those aspects of mathematics which need a ‘little but often’ approach;

Please find below Lesson Starters for National 5 Maths.

Additional Lesson Starters for S1 & S2 can be found by clicking on the Free S1 & S2 Home Page HERE.

Lesson Starter1Lesson Starter2Lesson Starter3Lesson Starter4Lesson Starter5
Lesson Starter6Lesson Starter7Lesson Starter8Lesson Starter9Lesson Starter10
Lesson Starter11Lesson Starter12Lesson Starter13Lesson Starter14Lesson Starter15
Lesson Starter16Lesson Starter17Lesson Starter18Lesson Starter19Lesson Starter20
Lesson Starter21Lesson Starter22Lesson Starter23Lesson Starter24Lesson Starter25
Lesson Starter26Lesson Starter27Lesson Starter28Lesson Starter29Lesson Starter30
Lesson Starter31Lesson Starter32Lesson Starter33Lesson Starter34Lesson Starter35
Lesson Starter36Lesson Starter37Lesson Starter38Lesson Starter39Lesson Starter40
Lesson Starter41Lesson Starter42Lesson Starter43Lesson Starter44Lesson Starter45
Lesson Starter46Lesson Starter47Lesson Starter48Lesson Starter49Lesson Starter50
Lesson Starter51Lesson Starter52Lesson Starter53Lesson Starter54Lesson Starter55
Lesson Starter56Lesson Starter57Lesson Starter58Lesson Starter59Lesson Starter60
Lesson Starter61Lesson Starter62Lesson Starter63Lesson Starter64Lesson Starter65
Lesson Starter66Lesson Starter67Lesson Starter68Lesson Starter69Lesson Starter70
Lesson Starter71Lesson Starter72Lesson Starter73Lesson Starter74Lesson Starter75
Lesson Starter76Lesson Starter77Lesson Starter78Lesson Starter79Lesson Starter80
Lesson Starter81Lesson Starter82Lesson Starter83Lesson Starter84Lesson Starter85
Lesson Starter86Lesson Starter87Lesson Starter88Lesson Starter89Lesson Starter90
Lesson Starter91Lesson Starter92Lesson Starter93Lesson Starter94Lesson Starter95
Lesson Starter96Lesson Starter97Lesson Starter98Lesson Starter99Lesson Starter100


7. Applications Unit Practice Assessment 

ApplicationsCheck ListCourtesy of Zeta Maths
ApplicationsPractice Booklet 1Courtesy of Gryffe High School
ApplicationsPractice Booklet 2
ApplicationsPractice Test 1
ApplicationsPractice Test 1 Solutions
ApplicationsPractice Test 2
ApplicationsPractice Test 3


8. Expressions & Formulae Unit Practice Assessment 

Expressions & Formulae
Expressions & FormulaeCheck ListCourtesy of Zeta Maths
Expressions & FormulaePractice Booklet 1Courtesy of Gryffe High School
Expressions & FormulaePractice Booklet 2 - Part 1
Expressions & FormulaePractice Booklet 2 - Part 2
Expressions & FormulaePractice Test 1
Expressions & FormulaePractice Test 1 Solutions
Expressions & FormulaePractice Test 1
Expressions & FormulaePractice Test 2 Solutions
Expressions & FormulaePractice Test 3
Expressions & FormulaePractice Test 4


9. Relationships Unit Practice Assessment 

RelationshipsCheck ListCourtesy of Zeta Maths
RelationshipsPractice Booklet 1Courtesy of Gryffe High School
RelationshipsPractice Booklet 2 - Part 1
RelationshipsPractice Booklet 2 - Part 2
RelationshipsPractice Test 1
RelationshipsPractice Test 1 Solutions
RelationshipsPractice Test 2
RelationshipsPractice Test 3
Outcome 1.2


10. N5 Maths Prelim Practice 

Paper One
Paper Two
N5 Prelim (Solns Included)Paper 1Paper 2
Revision 1Paper 1Paper 2
Revision 2Paper 1Paper 2
Revision 3Paper 1Paper 2
Revision APaper 1Paper 2
Revision BPaper 1Paper 2
Revision CPaper 1Paper 2
Revision DPaper 1Paper 2
Revision EPaper 1Paper 2
Revision FPaper 1Paper 2


11. N5 Maths Home Page Topic Links

Home Page Topic 1All CoursesHome Page Topic 45Numeracy
Home Page Topic 2AlgebraHome Page Topic 46Parabolas
Home Page Topic 3Algebraic FractionsHome Page Topic 47Percentages
Home Page Topic 4Angles & ShapesHome Page Topic 48Pie Charts
Home Page Topic 5AH MathsHome Page Topic 49PowerPoints & Videos
Home Page Topic 6AH Maths of MechanicsHome Page Topic 50Primary Teacher Maths
Home Page Topic 7AH StatisticsHome Page Topic 51Probability
Home Page Topic 8Arcs & SectorsHome Page Topic 52Pythagoras
Home Page Topic 9Applications AssessmentHome Page Topic 53Quadratic Equations
Home Page Topic 10Area of a TriangleHome Page Topic 54Quadratic Functions
Home Page Topic 11BearingsHome Page Topic 55Quadratic Formula
Home Page Topic 12Box PlotsHome Page Topic 56Quadratic Graphs
Home Page Topic 13BracketsHome Page Topic 57Quartiles
Home Page Topic 14Cast DiagramHome Page Topic 58Rationalising Denominator
Home Page Topic 15Changing the SubjectHome Page Topic 59Relationship Assessment
Home Page Topic 16CirclesHome Page Topic 60Reversing a % Change
Home Page Topic 17Completing the SquareHome Page Topic 61S1 & S2 Maths
Home Page Topic 18Compound InterestHome Page Topic 62Scatter Graphs
Home Page Topic 19Constructing FormulaeHome Page Topic 63Scientific Notation
Home Page Topic 20Converse of PythagorasHome Page Topic 64Significant Figures
Home Page Topic 21CorrelationHome Page Topic 65Similar Figures
Home Page Topic 22Cosine RuleHome Page Topic 66Simultaneous Equations
Home Page Topic 23Difference of Two SquaresHome Page Topic 67Sine Rule
Home Page Topic 24DiscriminantHome Page Topic 68SOH-CAH-TOA
Home Page Topic 25Dot PlotsHome Page Topic 69Standard Deviation
Home Page Topic 26EquationsHome Page Topic 70Statistics
Home Page Topic 27Expressions & FormulaeHome Page Topic 71Straight Lines
Home Page Topic 28FactorisationHome Page Topic 72Surds
Home Page Topic 29Factorising TrinomialsHome Page Topic 73Trigonometry
Home Page Topic 30FractionsHome Page Topic 74Trig Equations
Home Page Topic 31FunctionsHome Page Topic 75Trig Graphs
Home Page Topic 32GamesHome Page Topic 76Trig Identities
Home Page Topic 33GradientsHome Page Topic 77Trinomials
Home Page Topic 34GCSE MathsHome Page Topic 78Vectors
Home Page Topic 35Higher MathsHome Page Topic 79Vector Addition
Home Page Topic 36IndicesHome Page Topic 80Vector Components
Home Page Topic 37InequalitiesHome Page Topic 81Vector Magnitude
Home Page Topic 38Linear RelationshipsHome Page Topic 82Vector Pathways
Home Page Topic 39Maths WebsitesHome Page Topic 83Vectors & Scalars
Home Page Topic 40Mind MapsHome Page Topic 84Vector Subtraction
Home Page Topic 41National 5 MathsHome Page Topic 85Vectors 3-D
Home Page Topic 42N5 Lifeskills MathsHome Page Topic 86Vectors & Coords 3-D
Home Page Topic 43N5 Maths AssessmentsHome Page Topic 87Volume
Home Page Topic 44Nature of Roots


12. N5 Maths Mind Maps

Mind Map
Mind Map
Mind Map 1CirclesMind Map 12Quadratic Functions PowerPoint
Mind Map 2Circles PowerPointMind Map 13Scientific Notation
Mind Map 3Comparing Data Mind Map 14Scientific Notation PowerPoint
Mind Map 4Comparing Data PowerPoint Mind Map 15Standard Deviation
Mind Map 5FactorisingMind Map 16Standard Deviation PowerPoint
Mind Map 6Factorising PowerPointMind Map 17Straight Lines
Mind Map 7FractionsMind Map 18Straight Lines PowerPoint
Mind Map 8Fractions PowerPoint Mind Map 19Simultaneous Equations
Mind Map 9PercentagesMind Map 20Simultaneous Equations PowerPoint
Mind Map 10Percentages PowerPointMind Map 21Trig Functions & Equations
Mind Map 11Quadratic FunctionsMind Map 22Trig Functions & Equations PowerPoint


13. N5 Maths PowerPoints 

PowerPoint 1 Angles - Introduction PowerPoint 28Factorising - Common Factor
PowerPoint 2Angles - Corresponding & AlternatePowerPoint 29Factorising - Mixed Types
PowerPoint 3Area - Rectangle & TrianglePowerPoint 30Minutes to Decimals
PowerPoint 4Area - Rectangle, Triangle & CirclePowerPoint 31Multiplying Out Single Brackets
PowerPoint 5Area - ParallelogramPowerPoint 32Multiplying Out Double Brackets
PowerPoint 6Area - TrapeziumPowerPoint 33Percentages
PowerPoint 7Area - TrianglePowerPoint 34Percentages, Non-Calculator
PowerPoint 8Area - Rhombus & KitePowerPoint 35Percentages (% to Fractions & Decimals)
PowerPoint 9Area - Composite Shapes 1PowerPoint 36Percentages (10 Questions)
PowerPoint 10Area - Composite Shapes 2PowerPoint 37Percentages (Appreciation/Depreciation)
PowerPoint 11CirclesPowerPoint 36Percentages - Reverse
PowerPoint 12Circles - CircumferencePowerPoint 37PowerPoint (Mixed Topics)
PowerPoint 13Circles - Circum & AreaPowerPoint 39Prisms & Volume
PowerPoint 14Circles - Arc LengthPowerPoint 40Prisms (Sphere & Cone)
PowerPoint 15Circles - Sector AreaPowerPoint 41Quadratic Functions
PowerPoint 16Circles - Arcs & SectorsPowerPoint 42Scientific Notation
PowerPoint 17Circles - Symmetry Part 1PowerPoint 43Simultaneous Equations
PowerPoint 18Circles - Symmetry Part 2PowerPoint 43Speed, Distance & Time - Superbilly
PowerPoint 19Circles - Triangles insidePowerPoint 44Speed Formula
PowerPoint 20Comparing DataPowerPoint 45Squaring Out Brackets
PowerPoint 21Compound InterestPowerPoint 46Standard Deviation
PowerPoint 22Decimals to MinutesPowerPoint 47Straight Lines 2
PowerPoint 23Distance FormulaPowerPoint 48Straight Line Equations
PowerPoint 24Dot & Box PlotsPowerPoint 49Time Formula
PowerPoint 25Distance, Speed & Time GraphsPowerPoint 50Trig Functions & Equations
PowerPoint 26Distance, Speed & TimePowerPoint 51Volume of Solids 1
PowerPoint 27FactorisingPowerPoint 52Volume of Solids 2


14. N5 Maths Videos 

Video 1Algebraic FractionsVideo 9Indices
Video 2Arcs & SectorsVideo 10Percentages
Video 3BBC BiteSizeVideo 11Similar Shapes
Video 4Changing the SubjectVideo 12Straight Lines
Video 5Equations & InequationsVideo 13Surds
Video 6Exam Solutions (DLBmaths)Video 14Right Angled Triangles
Video 7FractionsVideo 15Vectors
Video 8Gradient


15. Maths Websites (Including Games/Puzzles)

Name of Website
Name of Website
Website 1Activity VillageWebsite 21maths dictionary
Website 2BBC GamesWebsite
Website 3ChessWebsite
Website 4Cool Maths GamesWebsite 24Maths on Track
Website 5Counton MathsWebsite - Create Worksheets
Website 6CrickwebWebsite - Bronze, Silver & Gold
Website 7Curve Stitching (PowerPoint)Website
Website 8Curve Stitching TemplateWebsite 28nrich
Website 9Dads Worksheets.comWebsite
Website 10Don StewardWebsite
Website 11Dot to Dot - Precision MeasureWebsite
Website 12Fun BrainWebsite 32protractor lesson
Website 13Health Benefits of Video GamesWebsite 33Sheffield Maths
Website 14hegartymathsWebsite
Website 15maths-games.orgWebsite 35superteacherworksheets
Website 16math-play.comWebsite
Website 17mathsticks.comWebsite 37The Daily Rigour
Website 18maths PickleWebsite
Website 19mathsisfun.comWebsite 39Woodland Resources
Website 20math-drills.comWebsite


16. Recommended N5 Maths Books

The highly recommended National 5 Maths books below can be used with students to compliment the material on this website.

Be fully prepared for 2017/18, click on the link below and order both books through today.


TJ N5 Maths Text Book

This above can be used as a free-standing National 5 book for students, possibly in Secondary 4, 5 or 6, who have previously successfully completed a CfE Level 4 course, or equivalent.

  • TeeJay’s usual bight colourful pupil centred Textbook.
  • Each exercise is graded with the more problematic questions at the end.
  • National 5 Outcomes listed for easy reference
  • Contains a Chapter Zero that Revises the contents of TeeJays CfE 4+ Book.
  • Six Cumulative Home Exercises interspersed throughout the book.
  • Six Non Calculator Exercises throughout the book.
  • Each Chapter ends with a “Remember Remember” exercise as a summary.
  • The book ends with a Revision Chapter, consolidating the whole of the National 5 Course.
  • Contains a National 5 Specimen Paper 1 and Paper 2.


N5 Maths Success Guide

National 5 Mathematics Success Guide provides easy-to-use and value-for-money revision for all abilities and learning styles. Guidance on how the new National 5 course and assessments are structured is included. All the popular features of this tried and trusted series are retained in the new National 5 Guides.

• Colourful double-page spreads aid both comprehensive and revision planning
• Topics are broken down into small, easily managed sections, complemented with lots of diagrams and illustrations to aid retention
• Quick Tests and Top Tips help keep students focused on the exam’s precise demands
• Revision checklists help students to manage and track their progress in the lead up to the exam
• A glossary present all of the key terms and definitions essential for the exam


17. National 5 Maths Online Study Pack

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We hope the resources on this website prove useful and wish you the very best of success with your N5 Maths exam on Friday 4th May 2018.

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