Unsure about Box Plots?

Unsure about Box Plots?

Let the fantastic wealth of resources below teach you all about drawing Box Plots from Five Figure Summaries.

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Box Plots

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A sound understanding of Box Plots is essential to ensure exam success.

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Box Plots Resources

Thanks to the authors for sharing the excellent resources below.

Exam Ques 1 (N5)Statistics
Exam Ques 1 (N5)Statistics (Answers)
Exam Ques 2 (N5)Box Plots
Exam Ques 1 (GCSE)Cumulative Freq'y & Box Plots
Mind Map 1Box Plots
Mind Map 2Box Plots (Mind Map PowerPoint)
PowerPointBox Plots
TheoryBox Plots

About Box Plots

Professionals such as Statisticians and Engineers use these to make sense of information involving lots of numbers.

They are pictorial representations of large sets of numbers displaying useful information such as the lowest & highest data points, median and spread.

When drawn next to each other, comparisons between the two sets of data are easy to interpret.

N5 Exam Questions & Answers by Topic 

Thanks to the SQA for making these available. Questions & answers have been split up by topic for your ease of reference.

Clear, easy to follow, step-by-step worked solutions to all N5 Maths Questions below are available in the Online Study Pack.
















Simultaneous Equations









2019 P1M.SchemeQ4Q3Q7Q14Q2Q1Q12Q9, 15Q11Q8Q6Q5Q13Q13Q10
2019 P2M.SchemeQ12Q3, 8Q10Q15Q16Q1, 4, 9Q11, 18Q6Q4Q18Q13Q14Q17Q3, 7, 11, 19Q2, 5
2018 P1M.SchemeQ17Q2Q14Q19a(i)Q5Q1Q11, 15Q8Q16, 19a(ii)Q5Q19bQ9Q3Q7Q12Q6Q18Q10Q4, 13
2018 P2M.SchemeQ2, 17Q7, 11, 17Q13Q4Q15Q6Q1, 11Q12, 16Q11Q12Q18Q14Q5Q8Q9, 13Q3, 10
2017 P1M.SchemeQ4Q10Q8Q3Q11Q1Q14Q9Q15Q13Q6, 13Q2, 12Q7Q5
2017 P2M.SchemeQ14Q6Q10Q9Q9bQ12Q2, 5Q7, 13Q4Q13Q11Q15Q3Q1, 8
2016 P1M.SchemeQ3Q8Q2Q9Q9Q6Q10Q12Q4Q5Q11Q1, 7
2016 P2M.SchemeQ7Q12Q9Q4Q13Q10Q1Q15Q2Q5Q11Q6Q14Q8, 16Q3
2015 P1 M.SchemeQ4Q2Q12Q1Q12Q13, 14Q7Q3Q11Q8Q5, 10Q6, 9
2015 P2M.SchemeQ10Q11Q13Q7Q2Q1, 8Q12Q14Q6Q9Q3, 9Q4, 5
Spec'n P1M.Scheme Q2, 7Q8Q9Q4Q4Q1Q11Q5, 7Q9Q12Q10Q6Q3
Spec'n P2M.SchemeQ11Q6Q13Q12Q4Q1, 7Q2Q9Q8Q10Q5Q3

All Resources By Course

The table below gives the links to our three dedicated websites and exam focused Study Packs for N5, Higher and AH Higher Maths.

Also included are additional courses where you will find a wealth of excellent resources to help with your studies.

Website Home Page
Whole Course Page
Student Online Study Pack
School Online Study Pack
AH MathsAH Maths Home PageAH Maths Whole Course PageAH Student Study PackAH School Study Pack
Higher MathsHigher Maths Home PageHigher Maths Whole Course PageHigher Student Study PackHigher School Study Pack
N5 MathsN5 Maths Home PageN5 Maths Whole Course PageN5 Maths Student Study PackN5 Maths School Study Pack
N5 Applications of MathsN5 Applications Whole Course PageN5 Applications Student Study PackN5 Applications School Study Pack
N5 Maths Numeracy UnitN5 Numeracy Unit Whole Course Page
Primary School MathsPrimary School Whole Course Page
S1 & S2 MathsS1 & S2 Maths Whole Course Page
National 3 MathsN3 Maths Whole Course Page
National 4 MathsN4 Maths Whole Course Page
GCSE MathsGCSE Maths Whole Course Page
AH Maths of MechanicsAH Mechanics Whole Course Page
AH StatisticsAH Statistics Whole Course Page

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We hope the resources on this website prove useful and wish you the very best of success with your N5 Maths course in 2020/21.

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N5 Maths - Whole Course Page

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Higher Maths Website

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AH Maths Website

AH Maths Website

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N5 Applications of Mathematics

N5 Applications of Mathematics

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N5 Maths Numeracy Unit

N5 Maths Numeracy Unit

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All Courses

All Courses

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